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Golf is a game of misses. All misses in golf are mental errors. Your brain tells your body what to do. If you don’t give the right messages, you don’t get the results you want. Golf is not a game of perfection. Golf is a game of recovering from your mistakes. The player who plays the best is the one who has the best misses. Champions can’t control what is happening, but they can control how they react to what is happening to them. Have realistic expectations. Your golf game does not reflect on who you are as a person, but your reaction to your golf shots does. Remember that you play the game for fun. Perfectionism only increases stress and tension.

Trust Your Ability


Once you have learned to swing the golf club, you don’t lose your swing. It is recorded in your brain. Once a motor skill is learned it is never forgotten and after a year without practice the performance level returns to 80% after 10 days of retraining.

Use Positive Self-Talk


We all have negative thoughts that we replay in our heads. These are voices of fear from your past experiences, or anxious thoughts of the results that you think might happen. To stay in the NOW, put all self-talk in positive present tense active verbs.

Let Go of Mental Interference


Your body knows without conscious thought how to hit the golf ball. Being in the zone is the absence of mental interference. On the golf course, stop giving yourself instruction and judging your performance.

Relax your Body and Mind


It is physically impossible to be relaxed and anxious at the same time. When you are playing you must be in a relaxed state to play well. The way you relax your body in golf is by controlled deep breathing. Changing your breathing can change